Got a Favorite e-Reader?

Headless is probably on it. It's now available on just about every e-reader and most e-book platforms. Several more than it was before actually, and some I had never heard of. In publishing terminology this is called going wide. I tried going exclusive with Amazon Kindle for three months to see what all the hype was... Continue Reading →

Headless Deal on Kindle UK

Today Headless goes on sale on Amazon UK for the Kindle ebook at only £0.99. If you are in the land of knights and chivalry, crumpets and clotted cream, haggis and bagpipes, please know that I wish I was too, and pick up a copy of Headless! I love the British Isles. It’s where my... Continue Reading →


photo by Montse Monmo So far, my KDP Select experience for Headless has not been great. In fact, it hasn't even been good. I did a Kindle Countdown Deal in the US, along with a some Facebook and Instagram advertising, and made three sales. Three. And I’m pretty certain those sales were from people I actually... Continue Reading →


photo by Sergey Zolkin Instead of working on the sequel to Headless today, I got bogged down in the wisdom that I should be posting on my blog at least once a week. According to Hugh Howey, it should be every day! Add to that the fact that I have somehow ended up with two... Continue Reading →

Headless on Kindle Countdown Deal

My book, Headless, is on Amazon at a deep discount right now. Currently 99 cents (Kindle version only), and will go up in one dollar increments over the next few days until it's back to full price. Grab your copy now! About Headless: A serial killer in Japan leaves behind an ancient samurai mask. What... Continue Reading →

That Sinking Feeling

photo by Jim Digritz The downstairs neighbor woke me up with a text. Is your sink clogged?  Not that I’m aware of, I reply. Kitchen sink?  Yup.  So I check. I drag out of bed and run it for a couple of minutes. Seems fine, I text back. I wait, hoping in vain, knowing what’s... Continue Reading →

Akio’s Journal – April 13th

I found another one of Akio's journal entries from just a few weeks before the events in Headless. It's kind of personal, but at this point, he's probably okay with me sharing it. Considering all he's been through, I'm sure a little maudlin complaining about a past girlfriend is one of the least of his... Continue Reading →

Let the Beheadings Commence

  You might think this is a post about a new American policy toward immigration, but no… HEADLESS HAS AN OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE.  It will be here very, very soon. Am I nervous? Hell, yes. But extremely excited too. It’s going to be released on that second most terrible day this year when the world... Continue Reading →

Akio’s Journal ~ April 4th

Akio Tsukino at his journal. Everyone thinks I’m stupid. Maybe I am. I try to cover it up with wisecracks and goofing around. But that just makes it worse. Maybe if I was deadly serious all the time. Like Masami. Maybe if I could just focus on my work and tune everyone else out like... Continue Reading →

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